Architecture studio in Malaga

We merge traditional architecture with advanced 3D and BIM technologies in Malaga to create innovative and functional projects.

Interior design in Malaga

We use advanced technologies to design interiors that fuse aesthetics and functionality, creating unique and avant-garde spaces from Malaga to the world.

Advanced technological solutions for Architecture and Engineering

The integration of 3D, BIM and Augmented Reality solutions into our architectural and engineering projects enables accurate visualisation, efficient collaboration and informed decision making, driving quality and efficiency at every stage of the design and construction process.

Bimfloat. Design, technology and innovation

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions

Bimfloat specialises in providing end-to-end Architectural, Engineering and Construction solutions that drive performance and efficiency on every project. From conceptualisation to final delivery, we offer services that combine cutting-edge technology, commercial expertise and innovative creativity to meet the specific needs of our clients. With a results-driven approach, we are committed to driving our clients’ commercial success in the AEC industry by delivering high quality projects on budget and on time.

Architecture. Engineering. Construction. Bimfloat

Cutting-edge design services for construction and urban planning projects

Bimfloat is an architectural services firm specialising in BIM Management and Coordination, as well as Virtual/Augmented Reality Application Development. These immersive solutions give you the ability to visualise and interact with 3D models in Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering. With extensive experience in large-scale projects, we are committed to driving your company’s success in the construction industry.


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Architectural firm

As architects, we draw up plans and projects for a wide range of buildings, both individual and collective, covering various types and scales.

Interior design

We offer interior design services that combine innovative and functional design to create aesthetic, habitable and comfortable spaces.

3D Projects, Virtual Reality and BIM

Studio specialising in advanced application of BIM, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

Digital solutions
Experts in design and engineering software
Interior design in Málaga: Living room

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Architecture & Interior Design

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