BIM, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Solutions

Bimfloat is an architectural studio specialising in the application of BIM, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, leading innovation in the field of architectural design and visualisation.

Our highly skilled team fuses creativity with technical precision to deliver solutions that come as close as possible to the intended end result without leaving any detail to chance.

With a focus on cutting-edge technology, we excel at transforming ideas into immersive and detailed experiences.

Our 3D, BIM, VR & AR services

At Bimfloat we are not only dedicated to Architecture and Interior Design, but we also develop Augmented Reality applications.

Providing solutions for mobile devices, both iPhone and Android, they also integrate their software into the latest virtual reality glasses, including Apple’s AR glasses.

Its application allows us to visualise and interact with photo-realistic models of architecture, interior design and engineering. In addition to creating interactive experiences, they are experts in 3D modelling, supporting companies in the implementation of BIM methodology, management and coordination of large-scale projects..

Architects specialised in BIM

BIM solutions transform the way projects are planned, designed and built. With BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology, we optimise each stage of the process by creating detailed digital models containing accurate information about each element of the project, facilitating better coordination between the architecture, engineering and construction teams.

BIM for interior design

BIM for interior design allows the design to be visualised and explored in a three-dimensional virtual environment, which facilitates communication and collaboration with clients and professionals involved in the project. In addition, BIM allows for advanced analyses and simulations, such as daylighting visualisation, circulation flow analysis and evaluation of material options, etc.

BIM for mechanics, electricity and plumbing

BIM technology allows for advanced analysis and simulations, such as energy analysis, heat load analysis, air and water flow simulations, this helps optimise the performance and efficiency of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems throughout the project lifecycle, from design to operation and maintenance.

Advanced 3D modelling and presentation

Through 3D modelling, we offer detailed and realistic representations of spaces, facilitating understanding and decision making throughout the process. This tool allows to virtually explore the design, identify potential problems and adjust the project according to the client’s preferences, ensuring an accurate and satisfactory execution of the project.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

We use Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to create immersive experiences that allow us to explore the design virtually and adjust the project according to the client’s preferences, guaranteeing a reliable execution of the project. These technologies provide a clear vision of architectural designs and an exciting anticipation of future space.

Development of customised vision apps

We create customised applications using vision technologies such as VisionOS to meet specific user or business needs. These applications can use various vision technologies, such as facial recognition, object recognition, image analysis, augmented reality, among others, to provide customised solutions.


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