Architecture studio in Malaga

Bimfloat is an architectural studio, where creativity and functionality merge to bring your architectural projects to life. We design from Malaga for the world.

Our team of architects offers a wide range of services from conceptualisation to completion of your project.

At our architectural firm, your vision is our priority. Trust us to transform your ideas into stunning architectural realities.

Our architecture services

Our architectural design services are backed by years of experience and a focus on quality and innovation. From initial design to final delivery, we are committed to providing you with architectural solutions that are not only visually stunning, but also optimised for functionality and sustainability. Trust our team to turn your ideas into unique architectural spaces that stand out in the market.

Custom architectural design

We specialise in custom architectural design that reflects your tastes, needs and lifestyle. From private residences to commercial projects, we work closely with you to create unique and functional spaces that exceed your expectations.

Urban planning and design of public spaces

Our team has experience in urban planning and the design of public spaces that improve the quality of life of communities. From parks and squares to integrated urban developments, we create sustainable environments that foster social interaction and well-being.

Drafting services

Our team of experienced draughtsmen will take care of the precise and detailed preparation of all the plans required for your project. We use the latest drafting tools and technologies to ensure clarity and accuracy in every drawing, facilitating smooth execution in the construction process.

Projects using 3D, BIM and VR technologies

We stand out for using cutting-edge 3D, BIM, augmented and virtual reality technologies in architecture to deliver accurate and visually stunning designs. Our focus on digital modelling and rendering allows us to create detailed and realistic three-dimensional representations of our projects.

Project management and works supervision

We take care of the integral management of your project, from the initial planning to the final delivery. Our team closely monitors every stage of the construction process to ensure that deadlines, budgets and quality standards are met, aided by BIM technology.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Consulting

As advocates of sustainable design, we offer consultancy services in sustainability and energy efficiency. From the selection of eco-friendly materials to the implementation of renewable energy systems, we strive to minimise the environmental impact of projects.


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Architecture & Interior Design

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